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Unlocking yourself during the lockdown

I t is Week 2 of the lockdown, and we have started missing our morning jogs and mourning for our expensive gym memberships. Home workouts always sound like an unrealistic and ineffective solution, but with an informative and encouraging app by your side, trust me, they can actually work.

Believe it or not, working out at home without complex machines and weights can be just as challenging as a gym sesh with all sorts of equipment at hand. Here, the key to success is commitment. If you strictly follow a trusted app’s guided workouts and make absolutely no excuses to skip workout time (too bad ‘it’s raining’ is not a valid excuse to not travel from your bedroom to the living room floor), you can actually be that fit friend who shows off his/her abs on Instagram. So, are you ready to meet your new gym buddy in the form of an app? 3, 2, 1… here we go!

8 ways to keep well in lockdown, Marcia Chen


If there was space for only one fitness app on my phone, I would pick this one. The Nike Training Club app was in development for over a year before being launched, and for good reason: the app scores high on all fronts – design, experience, features, and brand integration.

When the best in the sportswear biz gets into app building, it really does not cut corners. Nike loads the app with about 200 options, each with short videos of trainers demonstrating each move, position or exercise with deceptive ease and utter perfection. The best part is, the app is completely free, with no asterisks involved and no pop-ups nudging you towards a ‘premium’ (read: paid) version.

Short workouts ranging from 5-20 minutes motivate beginners to hop onto the fitness train. Meanwhile, workouts attached with the intimidating tag ‘Athlete’ are also offered, presumably for experienced fitness junkies who actively seek to challenge themselves.

You can identify your workout for the day using specific filters, such as: Muscle Group (eg – Abs & Core), Workout Type (Endurance/Mobility/Strength /Yoga), and Equipment (from no equipment to full equipment). If you are not sure and need some fitspiration, collections like ‘Workouts That Boost Your Mood’, ‘Best of Abs, Arms and Glutes’ or the quarantine favourite ‘Big Workouts for Small Spaces’ help get started without wasting any time.

From simple tactics for better runs (tip: pre-run stretching and a proper cool-down are recommended) to yoga-inspire d routines for individuals who enjoy more mindful movement, Nike seems to have thoughtfully built a one-stop fitness shop that caters to all kinds of people.

Ask any gym regular, and they will tell you – planning your workout is as important as the actual workout. If the idea of browsing and zeroing in on the right workout plan exhausts you, the Nike app also has the option of set plans for 4, 6 or 8 weeks for you to pick from … and diligently stick to, if you want to see pleasing results.

For Apple Watch users, this app connects seamlessly with the Watch, which helps you track your drills, heart rate, calories and stats, without having to pull out your phone.


The 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a home workout app ideal for those looking to fit into that skirt that no longer fits or a shirt that could look better without those love handles peeking through. Once you launch it, it asks you whether you want to lose weight, get toned or build muscle, and rearranges its content accordingly for you.

The app categorises its workouts based on areas of the body. You can choose to work on your abs, butt, arms, legs or do a full-body holistic workout, and they all come with multiple levels (Easy, Medium or Hard) based on your experience. The no-fuss style and easy language, as w

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