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Water Scarcity In The Time of Pandemic

We are facing this COVID-19 pandemic in the driest seasons of the year. A time of the year when our…

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Eat. Sleep. Water. Repeat

The obsession with which the youth are turning to plant parenting could be because unlike parenting other living things like…

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COVID-19 revives Nepal’s WASH drive

Eco Soap Bank Nepal’s Nicky Lama teaching a student about hand hygiene. Photo: ECO SOAP BANK NEPAL Many Nepalis woke…

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Water from Rapti river to quench thirst of Nepalgunj city

Nepalgunj–A project to bring water from the Rapti river has been implemented in Nepalgunj to address the acute shortage of…

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Water insecurity looms large over Himalayan towns, a new study says

Inadequate urban planning, poor water governance and climate change to blame for Himalayan towns running high and dry. Read the…

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What next for Kathmandu: bottled air?

Photo: BIKRAM RAI Nepal has restructured its polity and installed local, provincial and central governments. People have been promised economic…

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Declaring an emergency

Photo : GOPEN RAI/NT ARCHIVE The Sagarmatha National Sambaad held this week was a dress rehearsal for a bigger international…

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Number of water birds increasing in Jagdishpur lake

Fresh bird count shows 5,827 more aquatic birds in the artificial lake constructed for irrigation purposes. Read the full story…

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Drinking water users’ committees told to pay income tax on savings, and they are not happy

Consumer committees say they should get tax exemption as they are not distributing dividends from their saved amount. Read the…

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New drinking water project to end water crisis in Chaurjahari

The project is expected to source water from the Bheri River and supply it to more than 1,000 households in…

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Melamchi Water Supply Project Is In Final Stage

Melamchi Water Supply Project Is In Final Stage Read the full story on The Spotlight Loading…

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New drinking water projects to benefit Surkhet locals

The Surkhet Valley Drinking Water Consumers’ Committee is overseeing the project. Read the full story on The Kathmandu Post Loading…