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The victims and human rights defenders reject transitional justice commission’s request for support

Two months after formation the commissions are yet to commence their job Read the full story on The Kathmandu Post…

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Conflict victims in Dang express their mistrust on Truth and Reconciliation Commission for justice

Conflict-era victims who attended an interaction programme held in Tulsipur last Wednesday say justice delayed is justice denied. Read the…

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Conflict victims warn non-cooperation to the transitional justice commission until Act is amended

Chief of disappearance enquiry commission assures ‘fair and impartial investigations’. Read the full story on The Kathmandu Post Loading…

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Victims of natural disasters to get relief from local units

Disaster victims in Makwanpur will no longer have to travel to the district headquarters to receive the relief amount. Read…

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Victims of domestic violence prefer police to judicial committee for justice

Most of the people’s representatives in the judicial committee do not have the legal knowledge to settle disputes. Read the…

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Conflict victims and human rights activists cry foul over Agni Sapkota for Speaker

Sapkota, who faces a murder charge for an insurgency-era killing, has been proposed for House Speaker by the ruling party….

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Conflict victims condemn parties for bulldozing decision on transitional justice appointments

After an agreement between ruling and opposition forces, recommendation committee picks 10 individuals, all with affiliation to political parties. Read…

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Conflict victims decry government’s consultations as a sham

The consultations were not aimed at ensuring justice but simply at showing the world that feedback was collected, victims say….

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Number of burn victims is rising at an alarming rate, but the country is ill-equipped to treat them

Many are dying because of lack of awareness, as burns are yet to be recognised as health priority, doctors say….

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Conflict victims say their hope on Pradeep Gyawali might have been misplaced

Gyawali, who had appeared sympathetic to the cause of conflict victims, is also moving ahead on transitional justice without taking…