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Local units in various districts extend support to daily wage earners

Food supplies are being distributed by the local units among the impoverished population to see them through the lockdown. Read…

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Local units in Achham establish funds for disaster risk reduction

All 10 local units in the district have allocated Rs 29.677 million for prior preparation to reduce disaster risks. Read…

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623 local units get the go-ahead for implementing the Prime Minister Employment Programme

The government has revised guidelines to avoid misuse of state funds and aims to provide 100-days of work for some…

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The local units will decide which schools should get state grants, not the president

Published at : February 7, 2020 Updated at : February 7, 2020 07:56 In September last year, the Municipal Association…

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None of the local units in Parbat has conducted public hearings this fiscal year

The local government operational guideline dictates public hearing be held for transparency and to ensure good governance. Read the full…

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Local units in Dolpa operate from the district headquarters

Four of total of eight local units have their liaison offices in Dunai. Read the full story on The Kathmandu…

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Local units in Rupandehi prioritise construction of Buddha-related structures for tourism promotion

As many as 10 out of the total 16 local units have started installing Buddha’s statues and building parks to…