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U.S. Navy relieves commander of coronavirus-hit aircraft carrier

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Navy relieved the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt’s captain of his command on Thursday. He was punished for…

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Six-week-old baby dies of COVID-19 in US

NEW YORK: A six-week-old infant has died of complications relating to COVID-19, the governor of the US state of Connecticut…

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U.S. Intelligence says China under-reporting coronavirus cases

NEW YORK: US Intelligence said that China is under-reporting both its total coronavirus cases and its deaths. A report given…

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Americans show creativity, innovation, and compassion amid COVID-19 crisis

WASHINGTON: Several companies across the United States are gearing up to ensure that health workers and their communities are safe…

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Study reveals social media makes it difficult to identify real news

WASHINGTON DC: People viewing a blend of news and entertainment on a social media site tended to pay less attention to…

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Canadian First Lady recovers from COVID-19

OTTAWA: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who had tested positive in COVID-19 test in early March…

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COVID-19 Nepali victim in US urges to stay home, maintain social distancing

WASHINGTON: With the widespread of coronavirus, most of the countries have taken serious measures to curb it at their best….

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COVID-19: UN Chief calls for global ceasefire to focus on ‘true fight of our lives’

NEW YORK: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged warring factions across the world to lay down their arms and weapons in support of…

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China expels 3 American newspapers’ journalists

BEIJING: The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that it was revoking the press credentials for American journalists from three newspapers, The…

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Alabama House passes bill to end ban on yoga

ALABAMA: House of Representatives of Alabama has endorsed a bill ending a ban on yoga in Alabama schools. Yoga was…

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Trump says he will ‘most likely’ be tested for Covid-19

WASHINGTON: President Trump says he will ‘most likely’ be tested for new virus “fairly soon”, but says he has “no…

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Trump and Varadkar greet one another with ‘Namaste’

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar greeted each other with a ‘Namaste’ gesture. They did…