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Gandaki State News: Food stuffs provided to poor families

Kathmandu – The Super Madi Hydropower Company of Madi rural municipality in the district has provided food stuffs worth Rs…

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Gandaki State News: 20 complete quarantine in Kaski

Kathmandu – At Annapurna rural municipality of Kaski, 18 people, among those recently returned home from abroad have completed a…

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In Gandaki State, health officials to get only maternity and death rituals leave

Kathmandu – Considering the seriousness of COVID-19 outbreak, the Gandaki State Government has restricted its health officials from taking leaves…

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State Minister Baral urges health workers to work with high spirit

Kathmandu – Social Development Minister of State-5 Sudarshan Baral has urged the health workers to work with high morale in…

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State-2 government prepares against COVID-19 pandemic at war footing

Kathmandu – The State-2 government has started preparations for prevention, control and treatment of coronavirus at a war footing. It…

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Bagmati State sets up COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee

Kathmandu – A State COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee has been set up here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Dormani…

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State -5: Almost all local levels begin relief distribution

Kathmandu – In an effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, almost all local levels in State-5 have set…

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State 5 working to establish corona hospital with laboratory at RAHS

Kathmandu – The State 5 government is preparing to build a temporary corona hospital along with a lab facility at…

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Gandaki state sends protective gears to each district hospitals for immediate use

Kathmandu – The Gandaki state government has made the supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), albeit a few, to district…

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State-1 steering committee decides on foolproof supply system

Kathmandu – A meeting of the State-1 Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment Steering Committee has decided to make the supply of…

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State 1 starts testing COVID-19 at BPKIHS

Kathmandu – As per federal government’s decision to test COVID-19 in each state, State 1 has started testing throat swab…

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State can help people and businesses hit by Covid-19 as long as it manages to contain the infection, economic experts say

Tourism industry is the only sector that needs the government’s support so far. Read the full story on The Kathmandu…