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Members of WHO, SEARO holds dialogue on prevention of COVID-19

Kathmandu – Members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and South East Asian Region (SEARO) on Thursday held discussion on…

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Family members of 34-year-old Covid-19 patient taken to isolation facility at Seti Provincial Hospital

The man arrived from Dubai via New Delhi on Emirates and Vistara flights on March 20, and took a Buddha…

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HoR members ask government to stop artificial shortage of medicines

Kathmandu–Lawmakers have drawn attention of the government to adopt necessary alertness to prevent spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and to…

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18 new members in the NA take oath

Kathmandu–Newly elected 18 members in the National Assembly, the Upper House in the Federal Parliament, took oath of office and…

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Assembly members demand immediate naming of Province 1

All five political parties in the Province 1 assembly had assured a decision on the name would be made by…

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NA members thank government on its commitment to curb corruption

Kathmandu–Lawmakers at the National Assembly, the Upper House of Federal Parliament, have thanked the government stating that the Prime Minister’s…

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HoR reshuffles members of parliamentary committees

Kathmandu–Today’s meeting of the House of Representatives has reshuffled members of various parliamentary committees. Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota made the…

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Will the megacorporate members of the World Economic Forum help us find climate solutions?

Megacorporations fueled climate change; there is no reason to believe that they are reversing this trend. Read the full story…

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Members of community forest group obstruct felling trees in Butwal-Narayangadh road expansion project citing ownership issue

The federal Ministry of Forest and Environment had granted permission to cut down 46, 294 trees along the section to…

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NCP members say leadership deferred Central Committee meet to avoid criticism

The crucial meeting decided for tomorrow by the recently concluded Standing Committee has been postponed to January 23. Read the…