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Experts suggest using rapid diagnostic kits to minimize risks of Covid-19 spread

The efficacy of the ones that the government has procured, however, has come into question, and officials say the test…

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Experts discuss options to set up PCR lab in Chitwan

Kathmandu – With the demand for PCR lab for the testing of COVID-19, a technical team from the Ministry of…

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Experts suggest effective monitoring, not completely sealing border with India

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases in India and increased cross-border movement, calls are growing for completely shutting the…

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Experts call for measures to ease the impact of coronavirus on the economy

Ensuring supply of essentials, controlling prices, slashing customs duty on raw materials and rescheduling loans are some of the recommended…

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Indian experts conduct survey for second oil pipeline in Jhapa

The proposed 50-kilometre pipeline will extend from the Charali depot to Siliguri in West Bengal. Read the full story on…

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International experts and animal welfare campaigners urge Nepal to end elephant abuse

Nepal should not endanger its reputation by continuing elephant abuse, safaris and games for Visit Nepal 2020 campaigns, experts warn….

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Experts urge priority for safe migration objectives

Nepal is a signatory to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration for the protection of migrants by…

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Experts advise national health laboratory to upgrade its bio-safety level 3 facility

A team recommended by the World Health Organisation examined the laboratory. Read the full story on The Kathmandu Post Loading…

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Experts stress the need to fill infrastructure investment gap

Government inefficiency and low productivity blamed for the failure to increase capital expenditure. Read the full story on The Kathmandu…