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Nepali editors concerned about prime minister’s IT consultant’s role in removal of news report

Issuing a statement, a group of 21 editors drew attention to the involvement of Asgar Ali, Oli’s IT consultant, in…

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Sahina Shrestha, Digital Products Strategist As the results of the Sharecast Initiative Nepal Survey 2020 featured in this issue show, Nepal is…

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Editors Condemned Chinese Embassy’s Statement

Editors Condemned Chinese Embassy’s Statement Read the full story on The Spotlight Loading…

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Nepal media feels China’s wrath in coronavirus fallout

Wednesday was Nepal’s Democracy Day, it was the 27th anniversary of Kantipur Media Group, and the day Anup Kaphle was stepping…

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Nepali editors condemn Chinese embassy’s statement regarding the Post

Seventeen editors, in a statement issued on Wednesday, condemned the embassy’s use of disparaging language and reiterated the Nepali constitution’s…