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Covid-19 cripples tourism industry in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 17   The post Covid-19 cripples tourism industry in Nepal appeared first on The Himalayan Times. Read the…

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VIDEO: Covid-19 hits tourism industry in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 17   The post VIDEO: Covid-19 hits tourism industry in Nepal appeared first on The Himalayan Times. Read…

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COVID-19 Economy Under A Stress

The Word Bank says Nepal must ramp up COVID-19 action to protect its peop Read the full story on The…

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Pandemic offers chance to revive farming

Photo: MONIKA DEUPALA The global pandemic has prompted many to call for a reform in agriculture to create jobs and…

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Post-COVID-19 Economy: Economists call on government to prioritise agriculture

Kathmandu – Economists here have suggested the government to prioritise agriculture sector for the country’s upcoming economic development in view…

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Nepal’s Economy To Grow By 2.27% Due To Pandemic

Nepal’s Economy To Grow By 2.27% Due To Pandemic Read the full story on The Spotlight Loading…

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Economic growth to slump to 2.27pc in current fiscal

KATHMANDU: The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has forecasted Nepal’s economic growth to slump to 2.27 per cent (in basic…

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How Nepal should plan to exit lockdown

Photo: BIKRAM RAI With the COVID-19 lockdown officially ending 27 April, the government is expected to extend it but announce…

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Nepal vs COVID-19

At 4:30 AM on a gloomy Friday morning in Frankfurt, Aman Bhattarai gets on a conference call with his colleagues…

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Nepal’s exit strategy

Sooner or later, governments around the world have to decide between economic survival and public health. The choice for politicians…

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Playing politics in a pandemic

Prime Minister Oli heads back to his residence in Baluwatar after the Cabinet meeting on Monday that endorsed an ordinance…

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Earning to adapt to climate crisis

A farmer in Rasuwa district in Nepal where remittances have helped villagers cope with the impact of climate change. Many…