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The dangers of the dengue virus

There have been few days without rain this April and May in Kathmandu. That means more disease for Kathmandu. Not…

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Dengue, kala-azar and malaria cases surge in several parts of the country

Health officials say these vector-borne diseases could get worse with temperature rise and pre-monsoon rains. Read the full story on…

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Two new dengue cases reported in Myagdi, number of infected climbs to nine

Kathmandu – Spread of dengue infection amidst the risk of coronavirus has increased the fear of double infection among the…

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Dengue and scrub typhus cases reported in Myagdi

Health workers in Myagdi have advised people to adopt preventive measures to control the spread of dengue and scrub typhus…

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Ke garne attitude kills people

Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku. Photo: BIKRAM RAI Epidemics are nothing new in Nepal. In fact, the…

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This is a test

A quarantine zone at Nepal Army’s headquarters in Tundikhel. Photo: BIKRAM RAI By now the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected…