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Five years after avalanche, Langtang is locked down

The Dorje Bakery and Coffee Shop in Kyangjin Gumba before the avalanche in 2015, and being reconstructed after the disaster….

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Earning to adapt to climate crisis

A farmer in Rasuwa district in Nepal where remittances have helped villagers cope with the impact of climate change. Many…

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In other news

GLACIAL RETREAT: The Tso Rolpa Glacier has grown 7 time in size in the past 55 years, threatening the Tama…

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The climate connection to Covid-19

Photo: BIKRAM RAI The Covid-19 epidemic has now spread beyond China, and is being transmitted even by infected individuals who…

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Declaring an emergency

Photo : GOPEN RAI/NT ARCHIVE The Sagarmatha National Sambaad held this week was a dress rehearsal for a bigger international…