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प्रादेशिक अस्पतालको आइसोलेसनबाट भागेकी महिला पक्राउ

जनकपुर – प्रादेशिक अस्पताल जनकपुरको आइसोलेसनमा रहेको अवस्थामा भागेकी एक महिलालाई प्रहरीले रातारात पक्राउ गरेको छ ।धनुषाको सपहीमा भागिरहेको अवस्थामा…

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Karnali government’s decision to set up isolation facilities yet to be implemented

Designated health institutions face difficulties in setting up isolation wards due to lack of budget. Read the full story on…

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As government extends lockdown, non-natives of Kathmandu Valley wish to return to their hometowns

No one is getting out during the lockdown period, spokesperson of Kathmandu Metropolitan City says. Read the full story on…

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Covid-19 crisis fails to unite Nepali Congress leaders

Rank and file of the opposition receive different messages from top leadership and are confused about the official stance of…

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Contentious provision of foreign employment law to be amended citing Covid-19 pandemic

After the amendment is passed, recruiting agencies that had to send a minimum of 100 workers abroad in a year,…

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Panic, paranoia and anxiety: Doctors report a worrying rise in mental health patients

Increased exposure to distressing news, uncertainty and increased stressors due to the Covid-19 lockdown are prompting numerous mental health issues….

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UK PM Johnson moved to intensive care as Covid-19 symptoms worsen

Johnson, 55, was admitted to hospital on Sunday night and had been undergoing tests after suffering persistent coronavirus symptoms, including…

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Even if the House is prorogued, committees need to meet, analysts say

Nepal’s federal parliament can follow the example of many parliaments around the world that are meeting either by ensuring safety…

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Adhikari appointed governor of Nepal Rastra Bank

Adhikari graduated in Business Administration in 1959 and obtained a Chartered Accountant degree in 1959 from India. Read the full…

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Start-ups encounter setback as corona shuts down economy

The government should provide relief to start-ups by paying salaries, say experts. Read the full story on The Kathmandu Post…

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Anuska Rauniyar: ‘I wanted to make a film to challenge the notions of traditional Nepali filmmaking’

The Post speaks to actor Avon Raj Upreti and director Anuska Rauniyar about their feature film ‘Chakkar’, which won an…

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PM Oli Holds Telephone Conversation With UAE’s Crown Prince On Nepalese Migrant Workers

PM Oli Holds Telephone Conversation With UAE’s Crown Prince On Nepal Read the full story on The Spotlight Loading…